We dream of a smoke-free Estonia, where people live healthy and happily.

We want to support people in quitting smoking and thereby reduce
the health damage caused by tobacco smoke.

E-cigarette, tobacco-free snus and heated tobacco user survey 2021
NNA Smoke Free Estonia conducted a survey among users of e-cigarettes, tobacco-free snus and heated tobacco on 03.12.2020-07.03.2021. The survey was online. The call for participation was spread on social media, on various related websites, as well as in community and store newsletters. NNA Smoke-Free Estonia sincerely thanks everyone who contributed to spreading the questionnaire.

603 people answered the survey, 72% of whom were men and 28% women. The largest share of respondents were aged 22-30, accounting for 29% of all respondents. They were followed by respondents aged 31-40, who accounted for 27% of all respondents. 18-21 year olds accounted for 22% of all respondents, 41-50 year olds for 14% and 51-60 year olds for 8%. Among those who participated in the study, 1% were people aged 61 and over.

The largest number of respondents had experience with e-cigarettes, followed by people with experience with tobacco-free snus and heated tobacco. Some of the participants in the survey were regular users of the product, others had used them regularly before. The study also included those whose experience with less harmful products was limited to a few uses.

The results of the study can be found here: NNA-user-survey-2021.pdf